Car Rental New York

It is the city that never sleeps and, say, the capital of the world. So, rent a car in New York is necessary.
With either of these definitions would be sufficient to convince anyone that at least once in their life, it is essential to visit the Big Apple, New York.

Things to see in this great city there are hundreds, thousands, almost as many as the neighborhoods, streets and people. Then the question is to decide what is the best way to live this wonderful experience.
Another of the many topics surrounding New York is its famous Yellow Cabs, its yellow taxis. It is also very likely to imagine its streets crowded with cars and traffic unbearable.

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We do not want trick: there are some more celebrities--the streets are unbearable at certain times, but no more or less than any other major city in the world preferred by tourists.
So, answering the question, make New York aboard a rental car can be a great option, especially if you consider that to rent a cheap car in the "city" is very easy.

As will mean, you could not miss in New York representing the most important and international car rental companies. But if this were not enough, there are also hundreds of exclusive agencies only find in New York.
The great advantage of this to anyone visiting the city is that you can enjoy incredible discounts and promotions, never imagined a place like this. A bit like in any big city, but in true American style, a competition between companies can make not only to rent a cheap car, but the best quality.

Conditions to rent a car in New York are the same that we find elsewhere in the country. You will need to have a valid driving license in our country of residence but at the time it is accepted in the United States. We must also provide an official documentation proving our identity and credit card funds. Almost all types of credit cards are accepted for car rental agencies in New York.
One thing to consider, especially for European tourists, is that New York, like the rest of the country, most cars (if not all) are automatic transmissions and gasoline engines.

As for traffic rules, governing the same as in the rest of the world, and our peace of mind when renting a car in the city, almost all the companies included in its third-party insurance contract covering other damage.
They also tend to include in their offers GPS systems, something highly recommended in a city where there is so much to see.

In this respect, if we're in our rental car, maybe the best thing is to let go, because if we were to advise special places to visit, we would need another article (or several books) to recommend only half.
But walking across the Manhattan or Brooklyn Bridge in your rental car ... priceless. Well, yes it does, but it is very cheap.