Car Rental Chicago

For many people who are not too used to traveling, if you tell them you're going to the US is very unlikely that they will ever go through its head the name of Chicago.

In any case they will sound for its famous basketball team in the NBA, but little else.
However it is one of many cities in this vast country that deserves to be visited, and whether we plan for it to rent a car, the trip will be even better.

And in Chicago you can do many things and are no less places to see. For starters, since we decided to make our road trip with a rental car, we can walk through some of the ...¡ 38 bridges! crossing the Chicago River.
To climb the Willis Tower not need our rental car but use their lift and have not the slightest fear of heights, but we will be very good to get to the area where it is located. In this amazing city we find a few of these skyscrapers that give a unique and modern twist.

Driving a rental car in Chicago is a privilege and we will have the opportunity to go back and forth at a time for its wide boulevards and picturesque streets you never miss one of its charms.
We may, among other things, give us a break to Lake Michigan to give us a boat and enjoy a peaceful trip on board looking at the city as if we saw it from the sea.

While we can leave our rental car at one of the many parking lots without worrying watched him until lap.
In any case, it will not be a problem since all the car rental companies present in Chicago, the leading international level, typically offer all kinds of insurance to rent a car in Chicago is not a concern but the opposite a reason to visit the city.

Only have to meet the usual requirements for a lease car in the United States:
• Having more than 23 years.
• Have a driving license for at least one year old.
• File a documentation verifying your identity.
• Possession of a credit card (not debit) funds for bail.

With only that enjoy a rental car in Chicago. Now, the harder it is to choose from the multitude of companies that are engaged in the rental car in the city, because the big companies are not only in Chicago.
Then something less complicated: choose the model of rental car you want. Do not forget that US cars are automatic transmission and petrol and normally tend to be high-powered.

So that way, you will not have to be careful with the car we will fail. In addition, Chicago is a fairly flat city and not have to climb big hills to enjoy it.